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  • Rebuilding Your Dream Home

    Now is the best time to consider remodeling your home in New York. Interest rates are the lowest and you can get the highest quality construction materials.

  • remodeling homes
    Your Home is a Reflection of your Style

    When you remodel your new home you can create a reflection of your hard work and your style. You can select from a variety of upgrades and enhancements to make your home a showplace!

  • remodeling home
    Remodeling enhances your Equity

    Remodeling your home will help you to generate equity and provide a comfortable long term investment. You are going to own your home for years, make sure you have comfortable living space.

About George Stoll Construction

Attention to detail, time-honored craftsmanship, a professional relationship. These are three things you’ll discover while doing business with George Stoll Construction.

George Stoll Construction takes a very careful look at the big picture while maintaining exacting standards even when dealing with the small details. After all, George Stoll Construction has been in the construction business for over 25 years.


Remodeling Your Home Starts With an Idea


  • Improve your Quality of Life
    Whether you have a growing family, a need to upsize or downsize, building your new home is an experience that you will enjoy with results you will treasure for a lifetime. read more